From the intro to our first podcast:

This is an episode by episode review of the ABC show Speechless, starring Minnie Driver and Micah Fowler. We’re talking a little bit about the episode, and we’re also using it as a jumping off point to talk about a range of related issues.

Why should you listen to us? So I like to believe I have an interesting viewpoint. I was a awkward nerdy child who had a brother who used a voice system very similar to JJ’s. I did, in fact, grow up as Ray, and I’ve been excited about the show since it was announced.

Quite a lot of this podcast will consist of me either applauding or complaining about the situations that come up and how much they resonate with someone who grew up in a similar situation.


We are:

Rachel Berenson Perkins, Cheer/Paracheer coach, TV lover, and Person In Charge Of Making the Podcast Light and Fluffy.

Joe Reddington,  Designer,  and Person In Charge of Not Moving On From A Serious Point That we All Already Understood